Our Team

This is the whole team for the project. It is made up of both 7th and 8th grders. Feel free to contact either Mr. Olson or Mr. Reed if you have any questions. We would love to help you get your program up and off the ground!

Mr. Reed - 7th Multimedia Mr. Olson - 7th Technology Education Mr. Al Doree - Retired Engineer
Ashley - 8th Grade Aleah - 8th Grade Emma - 6th Grade
Jacob - 7th Grade Ethan - 6th Grade Cameron - 8th Grade
Cameron - 8th Grade Ethan - 8th Grade Caden - 7th Grade
Alyson - 8th Grade Noah - 6th Grade Isaiah - 7th Grade
Mason - 8th Grade Ryan - 6th Grade Michael - 7th Grade
Barrett - 7th Grade Ben - 8th Grade Oliver - 8th Grade
Logan - 6th Grade   Roland - 7th Grade