Pictures from Flight Six - August 2014

We had a super flight! The balloon took our payload higher than we expected. We were excited to get to 100,000 feet but when we got to 113,000 feet were super excited. We have never gotten that high. The GoPro and Contour cameras took some great HD video that we will work on editing out and get posted on this site soon! The GoPro caught the balloon burst. You can see the payload excel away from the burst balloon as it floats off into space with so little gravity effecting it. Very cool footage!

Thanks to all those that helped make this a successful launch! We want to send a HUGE thank you to the Brainerd Lakes Ham Radio Club. They have been instrumental in the programs success and without them none of this would have been possible. A special thank you to Al and Shirley Doree. They have been there since beginning and we really appreciate all they have done for us!!!

Filling the Helium balloon and getting everything ready. Filling the Helium balloon and getting everything ready.
Looking back at FMS. Entering the cloud deck at 3,500 feet.
Nice view of the cloud deck from above. Small storms trying to pop.
Heading up slowly. Starting see the blackness of space.
Getting close! Like the building storm clouds!
Love the shadow. Not sure what caused that. Over 75,000 feet now and going higher!
Now that is up there! 113,000 feet! The blackness of space really stands out. Starting it's journey back!
The view right before touchdown. The cameras view once back to Earth..