Washington DC Trip - April 16-18

We were one of the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow winners and we were invited to go to Washington DC and accept of prize of 110,000 dollars worth of technology for our school! Exciting stuff. We ended up spending our prize money on the following items:

4 Series Five Samsung Laptops for the STEM program
140 Samsung Chromebook - 4 mobile carts
108 Samsung Galaxy Tablets - 3 mobile carts
7 Samsung 21.5 monitors
65" Samsung TV

We took a nice mix of students, staff and parents. Thanks to Samsung everything was paid for in advance. The group consisted of Jim Reed, Cory Olson, Jon Anderson, Grace Pegel, Maison Jobe, Sarah Hanson, Maria Bell, Jack Worden, Travis Jensen, Mike Worden, Amy Castillo and Deb Bell.

Washington DC here we come!!!

We had a wonderful tine in washington DC. The kids were super stars and they represented Forestview well. They were super polite. Many people commented on how well they represented themselves. Nice to see and hear. Thanks Samsung for recognizing our hard work and for being the leader in cool innovative technology!

At the Minneapolis Airport. Excited group. Future scientists getting ready to meet other winning teams!
At our evening dinner meeting the other winning teams. Kim Hill our personal Samsung representative. She was with us the whole trip.

Tuesday evening Samsung took all the winning teams on an evening tour of the DC memorials and other monuments. Samsung chartered a tour bus and a great tour guide. It was a wonderful time and the students got to see a lot of the memorials lite up at night. All the other winning temas were on the bus and enjoyed. It was fun visiting with them.

The War Memorial. Jefferson Memorial at night.
The United States Capital building at night. Our FANTASTIC group in front of the War Memorial.
A panorama taken by Mr. Worden

Wednesday we all got up early and went dwon and had a excellent breakfast. We all filled up and were wisked off to the US Capital Building. Security was tight so moving around was a little slow going. We spent the morning at the capital meeting Ms. Klobuchar, Mr. Frankin and Mr. Nolan. We were able to spend about 40 minutes with Mr. Nolan. He rearranged his schedule and gave the kids a FANTASTIC tour of the US Capital Building. We were not allowed to take photos but they got to see the rotundra and the President's Office were he signs all the new bills. The table he uses is the same table that President Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation in 1863. That was a neat experience!

Samsung hired our personal videographer and professional photographer to travel around with us at all the events on Wednesday. We will be getting copies of those pictures and will add them soon. One student made the comment, "I think we have our own paparazzi". It did feel that way!

Off to the US Capital Building. With Ms. Hill. Our personal Samsung representative.
Meeting the President of Samsung and the President of Samsung North America. Meeting Mr. Frankin. Nice guy!
Congressman Nolan outside on the capital steps. He gave us a SUPER tour!

We will update this page with more pictures from the Wednesday luncheon once we receive them from Samsung.

Here is the video that was created by Samsung and sent to the Brainerd Dispatch. It does a recap of the awards ceremony that was held at the Hotel Monaco in DC.