Flight Twelve - Floater - Launched on March 23, 2019 @ 8:30am
Balloon Size: SBS-13 balloon - LINK
Payload Weight with String: 13.22 grams
Neck Lift: 18.22 grams
Free Lift: 5 grams
Cruising Altitude: 38,500-41,000 feet
Burst (predicted): Shooting for 1 trip around the globe
Time Aloft: 19 days and 4 hours
HAM Call Signs: KD0VJI-4
Launch Location: Forestview Middle School

UPDATED: April 18, 2019: Our super pressure balloon made 1.5 laps around the Earth. The last check in was on April 12th just north of the border of Sryia and Turkey. The balloon travelled a total of 26,383 miles and was aloft for 19 days and 4 hours. The highest altitude we encountered was 41,263 feet. We average right around 40,000 feet in altitude as we travelled around the Earth.

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Getting the final weights dialed in Weighing the attachment cords Weighing the attachment cords
01 04 04
Unfolding the SBS-13 balloon Filling the balloon with helium Checking for neutral buoyancy
01 04 04
Sealing the balloon neck Checking for a good seal Trying the string nice and tight
01 04 04
Wrapping the tape to secure the string Checking for a good tight fit Securing all the attachment strings.
01 04 04
Getting the attenna secured in place Wrapping connections with tape Getting the SkyTracker ready
01 04 04
Checking to see if eveyything is secure Waiting for the wind to calm a bit Letting it go and hoping we did it correctly
Nice video of neutral buoyancy. The balloon is now lifting 18.22 grams at the neck of the balloon.