Flight Ten - May 16, 2018
Balloon Size: 3000 gram
Payload Weight: 4.2 pounds
Neck Lift: 12 pounds
Free Lift: About 7 pounds
Ascent Rate: Shooting for 1200/minute
Descent Rate: Shooting for 1600/minute
Burst Altitude (predicted): 120,000
Burst Altitude (actual): 111,003 - Our 2nd highest flight!!
HAM Call Signs: W0NY-3 and W0NY-4
Launch Location: Cushing, MN
Post Flight Data (PDF Format): Click Here
HAB Amateur Radio Record Book: 88th Place : Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning Record Book

What an awesome night it turned out to be. We launched from Cushing, MN and touched down right outside of Lastrup, MN. The conditions could not have been better. We waited along time to get a picture perfect day and it was worth it. We also flew a 360Fly camera but someplace during the flight the camera came off. We are not sure what happened. We were hoping to see what happened in the GoPro video but no luck. Enjoy the picutres and the video from the flight. We had a lot of fun with this group this year. Great kids and great families.

Here were the predicted paths of the flight using two models.

HAB HUB ASTRA High Altitude Balloon Flight Planner

Here is the actual flight path recorded by flight data from tracker W0NY-3.

APRS.fi recorded data of actual flight path. Used a Big Red Bee primary tracker.
Getting everything ready and set up Starting the fill process Getting payloads ready to fly
Getting payloads ready to fly Evan and Cole getting their payload ready Jacob and Isaiah securing their payload for flight
Filling up the balloon with Helium GFilling up the balloon with Helium Getting close to lifting 12 pounds
Filled and ready Off and away Recovering. Perfect landing in a grass field
WCole and Even getting a ride in the mule. Fun for them!! Tangled mess of payloads. What a ride back to Earth is must have been Nice to have the mule to haul our stuff back
Great group shot with the kids and the land owners, Evelyn Dahmen and Andy Carwell.
The students are Cole Belton, Ethan Diede, Elijah Karlgaard, Isaiah Maceskovic, Morgan Wasnie and Evan Elg.

Now for the good stuff. Here are a bunch of pictures and videos from the flight. We flew 3 GoPro Session cameras and 1 360Fly that fell off during the flight. Enjoy!!

Great shot of Lake Alexander right after release
Great shot of Lake Alexander
Great shot of the cloud deck we passed through.
Great shot of Mille Lacs Lake
Great shot of Mille Lacs Lake from over 80,000 feet
Never get tired of the blackness of space. Love it!!

Some good videos from that flight that we thought you might enjoy..

Shared by a parent of the actual launching of the balloon. Cool video!
A group of students wanted to see how a balloon reacts to being placed into space. I think they got their answer. Real world science being done outside the classroom. This video was sped up times 20.
We flew a GoPro Session camera looking out. It got some great video. It is sped up times 4. Some great video of the country side as it makes it's way up to 111,003 feet.