Flight Four - March 2, 2013 - Launch Summary - Science Classrooms - Mr. Harrison 5th Grade

Here are the results from Mr. Harrison's Science classroom. Results written up by Joel Dodd, Nick Porish, Nick Renner & Drew Anderson

Plant went to 79,073 feet Control Plant
Seeds went to 79,073 feet Control Seed
Control Plants: 7cm
Control Seeds: 7cm, 6cm, 5cm, 4.5cm
Exp. Plants: 1cm
Exp. Seeds: 11cm, 10cm

Joel Dodd

How will radiation exposer affect corn and plant seed germination?

We had a hypothesis. We thought they would make it up and down alive. So we decided to test that theory. We found the perfect way to do just that. The high altitude balloon club. We planted 6 plants and sent them up in a balloon. We planted 6 or more and we kept them as a control. We compared the, after they came down. Now we are letting grow to see how they will grow.

How do you think radiation will affect corn plant and seed germination?

Plant Results: One came down white and has stopped growing. Another started to grow taller.

Seed Results: There is some space. There are tons of flourishing and healthy plants.

Nick Porisch

How will radiation affect corn plants and corn seeds?

That is what the hot air balloon club and mt class aimed to find out. My hypothesis was that the radiation would kill the plants and halt the seed's germination. This is how we did it. We planted two groups of corn, a control group that would stay here and a test group that would go up in the payload. We also planned on sending a film canister full of seeds with the test corn. Then, send the helium balloon into the upper atmosphere. Now, we are observing the results. The control group is fine, or course. The seeds have been unaffected by the flight. One of the two corn plants froze and is dead, but the other is growing somewhat normally. We will continue to watch the plants.

Plant Results: One came down white and nearly dead but has regained greenness. it is now stunted but living. Hairy says, "Weird but cool!"

Seed Results: They are growing excessively fast compared to the control seeds.

As I said earlier, we will continue the plants and seeds. Who knows what knowledge tomorrow could bring?

Nick Renner

I thought the experiment was very interesting. First, we came up with a question,it was how does radiation exposure affect corn plants and corn seed germination?

My hypothesis for the question was that the radiation would kill the plant and seeds.

Then we made a control group. We put the same amount of dirt in the control group. We also put four seeds in each cup we planted corn in. We planted several cups of corn, so we could have many to choose from. Every day we planted corn, we put two cups with seeds. Now we could send one cup up to the stratosphere and keep one cup back as a control. We had the groups place the plants and seeds into the payload foam box with a lid on it. Hand warmer were placed in the boxes to help keep the temperatures from freezing. The plants were then sent to the stratosphere via helium balloon.

Plant Results: One of the plants froze and died, the other plants were fine. The plant that was sent up, came back and appeared to be white. It turned green and stopped growing. Height of control: 7.9 cm. height of experiment: 1.3 cm. the control group is much taller than the experimental.

Seed Results: The experimental seeds are taller than the control seed plants. Height of control: 7.4 cm. height of experimental: 10.2 cm. Conclusion: Radiation affects corn plants and corn seeds. It helps corn seeds, but does not help corn plants.

Drew Anderson

Question: How will radiation exposure affect corn plants and corn seed germination?

We as a class want to see the germination similarities and differences between the two plants. My hypothesis is the radiation will kill the plant. The non radiated group will grow better and faster than the radiated group.

Question: How will radiation affect corn plants and seeds?

Hypothesis: radiation will kill the plants

Experiment: sending plants and seeds to the stratosphere with a helium balloon.

Plant Results:: experimental plant came back white in color but now has turned green and stopped growing.

Seed Results: the seeds sent up group larger than the seeds that did not go up.

Even though the experimental plant changed color, it stopped growing. Our tallest, surprising was the experimental seeds. I assume all of the plants are still alive, since they are still green. Radiation affects both plants and seeds, but in a positive way for the seeds. Does radiation stop germination for seeds that have not yet germinated? More research needs to be done. My hypothesis was 1/2 correct. The plant did not grow any better, but the seed grew much better.

Answer to question: radiation helps seeds and destroys plants.